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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Laboratory (RSEL) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal. Initially, setup as Bio-Energy Lab, the RSEL came into action since 2020. The sole purpose of RSEL is to enhance the research-based education and to provide platform for collaboration of academia with national and international partners, industries, policy makers, and society for extracting tangible solutions and knowledge for sustainable development of energy, economy and environment in nexus with agricultural development of Nepal. To this end , RSEL has closely working with number of international partners to provide platform for developing innovative technologies and ideas and prepare a capable individual for solving real world issues.   

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Currently the RSEL team is focusing on the thematic areas that cover the sustainable development in energy, environment and economy. Based on the SDGs, the team is conducting researches on energy transition, integration of variable energy resources, the viable energy storage options, energy efficiency, the circular economy in nexus with agriculture, and planning and policy analysis.